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The Pedaling Astronomer Project welcomes both individual and corporate sponsors. The overriding mission of the Pedaling Astronomer Project is to create a positive impact on our communities and environment.

Individual Sponsors

Individuals are encouraged to sponsor the Pedaling Astronomer Project via the security of PayPal. Just click the “Pay Now” button below. It will redirect you to the project’s PayPal page. Enter the amount in the “Item Price” box by which you wish to sponsor the project, then select your preferred payment option. Thank you!

Corporate Sponsors

At surprisingly little cost, qualifying sponsors earn a highly-visible, constantly roving ambassador to serve as a persuasive rallying point for hands-on, in-person, truly-local representation of their products. This novel method of product representation is as labor-intensive as it gets and is only affordable because it is, at heart, a labor of love.

Consequently, the project will consider only those corporate sponsors and products in which it has absolute confidence.

Among the benefits of the shear scope and duration of the project is the opportunity to demonstrate, and to subsequently report on, astronomy, cycling and mobile technologies in use under extensive, rigorous, daily real-world conditions.

For information on corporate-sponsorship opportunities, please contact

Why Do We Need Sponsors?

Why do we need contributions of money and gear? After all, we’re talking about traveling by bicycle. How much can that cost?

If only it was that simple. Indeed, cycling represents one of the most cost-effective forms of transportation. Better yet, it is great for you – and for the environment! If all the Pedaling Astronomer Project involved was a guy carry telescopes throughout the world by bike, we would not be talking about sponsorships – he would just get on his bike and go. Come to think of it, this website wouldn’t exist. But that is not all the project envisions.

The Pedaling Astronomer Project is undertaken to inform as many people as possible of the life-enriching benefits of the pursuit of amateur astronomy, of cycling as mainstream transportation, and of connectedness through mobile technologies. Indeed, it is intended to more than inform, it is specifically designed to demonstrate these benefits – in person – to inspire as many people as possible to invest in themselves by actually getting on a bike or by aiming a telescope to the heavens, and in turn, by sharing their own experiences with yet others.

Maximizing the promotional value of the project for the benefit of our communities, of the project’s sponsors, and of their respective industries, costs far more that a simple bike ride, regardless of its distance. And reaching as many people as possible is not a one-guy-on-a-bike show.

For every hour pedaled, the success of the project requires multiple hours of focus by others on the project’s daily logistics – scheduling media coverage; coordinating activities with in-ride businesses and cycling and astronomical organizations; traveling to and from and staffing event exhibits; shipping promotional materials; organizing, editing and posting text, still-images and video files; and much more – labors for which they must be compensated, while incurring ancillary expenses that must also be paid.

While the cumulative costs of the project are indeed significant and the value to our communities high, the cost per sponsor remains uniquely low.

Learn More

The Pedaling Astronomer Project involves far more than can be detailed here. If you’ve got sponsorship questions, we’ve got answers.

Contact us at, and ask away!

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