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Why Bother?

  • The journey demonstrates two life-enriching activities: exploring new places by bicycle and sharing views through telescopes.
  • It will serve as an object lesson that effective astronomy outreach requires no more equipment than a cyclist can carry thousands of miles by bicycle.
  • It will demonstrate that cycling as transportation is within reach of all ages.
  • It will also demonstrate that constant connectedness through mobile technology enhances even existences as basic as self-contained bicycle journeys.
  • The journey presents a uniquely engaging way to promote the astronomy and cycling, while helping to heighten anticipation for what will be the most dramatic US-centric astronomy event of our lifetimes – the Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017.

Anticipated Promotions

  • Introduce potential astronomy, cycling, photography and tech enthusiasts in person each day to celestial objects and sponsors’ products. Share telescope views wherever people are gathered outdoors along the project routes – local, state and national parks, truck stops, shopping centers – everywhere!
  • Participate in interviews with national and local media outlets.
  • Coordinate project activities with local bike shops, cycling clubs and astronomy clubs.
  • Post daily updates to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media.
  • Post daily ride reports, photos and videos to this website.
  • Contribute cross-promotional articles to cycling, photography, travel and consumer-technology publications.
  • Contribute frequent reports to sponsors’ websites.
  • Record and post time-lapses of major bike touring routes, including the entire length of the East Coast Greenway.
  • Demonstrate astronomy, cycling, photography and mobile technology at such diverse, in-ride events as the Winter Star Party, NEAIC-NEAF, Bike Expo New York and RAGBRAI.

The Pedaling Astronomer Project is an educational undertaking, and its principal lessons are two:

  1. Paths to personal astronomical discovery are open to everyone;
  2. Bicycle transportation is not only accessible, healthful and responsible, it’s fun.

The Challenge

Can a 62-year-old non-athlete complete a solo, self-sustained bicycle journey through all lower-48 states, plus DC, carrying enough astronomical gear to share telescope views of the Sun, and of bright night-sky objects, in every state?

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         The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

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