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The Journey

Stage 1: The Natchez Trace Parkway from Natchez to Nashville. 464 miles as routed, 766 miles as pedaled. Stage completed.

Stage 3: Alton IL to Warrensburg MO, home of DayStar Filters, via the Missouri Katy Trail. 288 miles as routed, 475 miles as pedaled. Completed

We originally planned that the 48-state Pedaling Astronomer challenge would be attempted in stages, the first six of which were completed by winter of 2016. The project is planned to conclude in Nashville TN in time for the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse.

But as with the first six stages, reality on the ground will require revision of remaining plans. We learned a lot from the first 5000 miles of this adventure, and we've undoubtedly more lessons ahead. So, please consider all remaining routes as aspirational. Gary will pedal through all lower-48 states, and he will share telescope views of the Sun and night-sky wonders with the people he encounters in each state, but future routes are likely to be further revised in response to in-ride challenges.

Stage 4: Warrensburg MO to Hutchinson KS, home of the Cosmosphere. 331 miles as routed, 546 miles as pedaled. Completed.

Stage 5: Hutchinson KS to Los Angeles CA. 1530 miles as routed. 1452 miles as pedaled. Completed.

Stage 7: Jacksonville FL to Portland ME. 1539 miles as routed, 4237 miles as pedaled. Spring and summer, 2017. Gary spent months longer in the Northeast than planned, pedaling‍‍‍ daily throughout the region, discovering many new-to-him observers and observatories.

Stage 8: Toledo OH to Portland OR. 2782 miles as routed. S‍‍‍ummer and fall, 2017.

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         The Great American Solar Eclipse of 2017

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Stage 2: Nashville TN to Alton IL. 366 miles as routed, 607 miles as pedaled. Completed.

Stage 6: Woodland Hills CA to Las Vegas NV to Zion National Park to Kaibab AZ back to Las Vegas. Chicago IL to Spokane WA. 750 miles as routed. 1238 miles as pedaled. Completed.